Tina married to Jamie Pearce, lives in West Down with their 4 children, and works from home as a director of Less Mess and an administrator of Devon Build.

Tina founded Less Mess in 2003 after blocking her sink with fat as a result of cooking the family meal.  This prompted her to investigate the whole issue of fat in the sewerage system and she realised what a big problem this actually was.  After many meetings with the water companies and seminar attendances Tina set about developing a product that would not only be a useful container to collect Fats oils and greases but would also be a perfect promotional and customer awareness tool as a means to get strong environmental messages to customers.

Less Mess has gone from strength to strength over the last few years developing new ideas and now working with most of U.K water companies on customer awareness and engagement campaigns.

Tina enjoys all aspects of marketing and innovation, and is a good problem solver.  She also takes an interest in new and existing environmental technologies.  In her spare time, Tina loves to cook and keep fit.

She is also proud to have joined the DEBI Board of Directors