DEBI Corporate Supporter Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers

When Plastic Surgeon pioneered cosmetic repairs in 1985, it was a fresh opportunity to save money and reduce waste for the house building industry.

The business originally carried out repairs for the automotive industry, repairing damaged car surfaces. The owner realised that many of the repair techniques used could be adapted and applied to building surfaces and so Plastic Surgeon was founded.

Today Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers work with leading construction and house building firms across the UK and their thousands of customers can now also be found in many other trades and industries. They are still pioneering. Their customer reporting system, VisibilITy, provides customers with data such as the number and type of repairs carried out and landfill savings. Electronic job allocation and head office booking systems, improve efficiency and provide transparent job records and invoicing. While their research and development team is delivering new repair techniques and materials on a regular basis.

Their innovative repair service has won many national and regional awards, including a National Recycling Award and a British Institute of Facilities Management Award. They are also won the DEBI Overall Winner award.

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