Neil Stallard runs Alpha Logic – Sustainable Solution, a company established in 2008. Neil has overseen Alpha Logics transition from a waste broker to become one of the leading independent providers of sustainable commercial recycling and waste management solutions in the South West.  Alpha Logic’s point of difference to other waste management companies is the relentless focus on sustainability and placing the client at the heart of their business decisions.

The Alpha Logic offering creates an opportunity for businesses to save money, increase their recycling output and decrease their carbon output including landfill costs by diverting all waste from landfill – this is what Alpha Logic strive to do for all of their clients. The growth they’ve experienced in the last seven years, particularly in the last year alone, is a testament to the customer centric philosophy, the hard-working team and the services Alpha Logic provide.

Alpha Logic offer something that businesses in the South West have a real need for, which is reflected in their success to-date. In 2015, the Alpha Logic team doubled in size from 10 employees to 20 and Alpha Logic’s turnover exceeded £3M, growing over £700k from the previous year.

Always looking for opportunities to give back, Neil’s involvement in DEBI highlights the commitment and willing of Alpha Logic to be part of a network of like-minded people, helping businesses to adopt an environmentally friendly and profitable attitude to waste management and the environment as a whole.