Lynda is Head of Property Management at the Met Office and has responsibility for all 400+ Met Office locations. The team have delivered a number of key building projects, for example building a new observatory in Lerwick. Under Lynda’s leadership the Met Office has invested in engineering projects such as evaporative free cooling technologies to cool the supercomputer, PV Cells and use of DC Power.

Lynda sits on the Met Office sustainability committee and is the environmental lead for the Met Office. Initiatives that she is particularly proud of are

being the first public sector organisation to achieve the Wildlife Trust Biodiversity benchmark
increasing recycling at Exeter HQ to over 80%
decreasing our PUE from 2.0 to 1.37 and
winning the Met Office innovation award for most empowering manager

Lynda is always interested in new innovative and creative ideas to reduce our impact on the environment and is not afraid to champion new initiatives.